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General Note to Submitting Ban Appeals

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If you are reading this, you have most likely been banned for abusing our server or breaking our in game rules. Every rule put into place serves a purpose, and it’s essential that everyone follows them to ensure all players have fun. We know you might be frustrated, but the most important thing to remember when submitting a ban appeal is to remain calm, patient, and mature.

Please note that only the banned player in question and members of Staff may comment on ban appeals. While player opinions are indeed necessary, please place your comments in a private message with a Staff member. Furthermore, you may not appeal temporary banishments. Ban appeals are only for those that have been permanently banned. Also, if you happened to be Forum-Banned this means you are not allowed to appeal your ban.

How Ban Appeals are approved:

In order for you to be unbanned, you must submit an appeal in the proper format. Your ban appeal will be voted on by members of Staff (Professors, Designers, Head of Houses, Developers, Administrators, and Owners). You will receive one of the following votes:

-Support = A Staff Member believes you should NOT be allowed back on the server.

-/+ Support = A Staff Member is unsure whether you should be allowed on the server or not, and will wait to review feedback of other members of Staff before making a final decision.

+Support = A Staff Member believes you should be allowed back on the server.

You will need 3 +Support Votes in order to be allowed back on the server.

Guidelines to follow when submitting a ban appeal:

1.) Submitting a ban appeal for the reason of “It wasn’t my fault, someone else was on my account” is strictly prohibited. Your account is, after all, your responsibility. This includes you are responsible for your account security, who has access to your account, and what that person may say or do under your account. If a person has used your account unknowingly, you must list the precautions you have instated to assure that the individual will no longer cause disruption to Dumbledore’s Army Server.

2.) Do not continuously post messages across the Forum board about your ban. We understand your frustration in awaiting for those three votes; however, if you place a comment about your ban anywhere else other than your Ban Appeal thread, it WILL be held against you.

3.) While waiting for your ban appeal, try and be active on Forums through a mature way. Make suggestions for the game and participate in discussions. This will show the staff you are trying to turn a new leaf.

4.) Take time while writing your ban appeal. Make sure it’s in proper format with minimal grammatical mistakes. Staff will take you more seriously if you are well organized, and seem mature about the situation.

5.) Any evidence used against another player is automatically void if said evidence:
  • Is cropped, edited, or altered in any way (excluding the removal of personal information from the image)
  • Is not from the server, forums, official DA Discord, or official DA Discord Chats (excluding serious harrassment - threats, abuse, bribes, etc)

Best of luck to those on your Ban Appeals, I hope to see you in game soon!
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