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Ban Appeal /Dlady/

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Minecraft Username: Dlady

Server/Discord Nickname (If applicable): Spoynlck

Are you appealing a server or discord ban. If discord, what is your discord tag:

Why you were banned: Consantly triying to glitch , swearing , casting spells where you shouldn't etc, after a lot of warnings.

Have you been banned/issued any punishment before: No

Why you deserve to be unbanned:
Hi again, about a week passed after I was banned and I now demand that this prohibition be removed or reduced to a certain period. my previous defense: Hello first I must say that I'm writing this from google translation, let's come to the glitch first, why stop so I noticed these glitches and I showed it to someone corrected, then blasphemy, I'm sorry I did not pass the 2nd year test I am very sorry for the people I'm sorry, I'm sorry I can not make magic in places where I can not do magic, but I do not know where the magic is done in this area I do not know where the magic is done, I'm sorry about this issue, I received more than one warning, I did not fly in the castle with the broom and I stop flying after other warnings, I come I do not read the chatte english is not very nice and I do not see who warned me because of this situation. I apologize for all matters and I would like to remove my ban.

Have you read “General Note to Submitting Ban Appeals”? (Mandatory): Yes
Posted Feb 8, 19 · OP
Aarooncia .:MARAUDER:.PHOENIXAURORDeatheater
Year 7

Hey, Dlady, I'm afraid you can only make one ban appeal every two weeks, so until a decision is made on your current ban appeal (Which is here), I'd advise you to not spam appeals. If you make a mistake, edit the first one. I know you want to get on the server so badly, but you broke the rules, and this the outcome. Staff are not able to check ban appeals 24/7, so please wait patiently for a response.

Aarooncia Year 7 Gryffindor Dueling Club Marauder's Club


Posted Feb 8, 19
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