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Monkey's ban appeal

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Minecraft Username: monkeyboy2206

Server Nickname (If applicable): N/A

Why you were banned: 'Constantly casting in areas where casting is restricted'

Have you been banned/issued any punishment before: Nope.

Why you deserve to be unbanned:

Prior to my reasoning for being unbanned, I shall provide those who were not present a brief explanation of the situation so that both sides of the story can be heard.

The situation begain at roughly 1712 hours when I was present at a 'Hide and Seek' event. The staff member who was leading it was named Erdalumos. This event took place in a house owned by a player, the location of said house I did not know as i was simply teleported there via the command /tpa and the recipient doing /tpaccept. At this point Erdalumos went 'Away From Keyboard' (AFK) and so while I awaited his return, I decided to level up my spells assuming that casting was acceptable in that area . Whilst i was casting (I had casted several times at this point) a player, the name of which I cannot remember, kindly explained to me that casting was forbidden here. By the time I had read the message in chat, I had already casted the spell known as the 'Hover Charm' which gives the player the levitation effect. I said into chat: 'lol look I am flying' before being promptly kicked by Erdalumos. I would like to stress that I have no issue with being kicked and i can reason that it was a fair and justifiable measure to be taken.

When i rejoined the server, I jokingly said in chat, as an attempt to make light of the situation 'That was extremely rude of you' and 'lol rulez are made to be broken idots' To which I was muted for 10 minutes for arguing. Which again, I have no issue with as I can see why this may have been perceived by Erdalumos as not being a joke.

Following my mute expiring, I removed myself from the situation so as to not cause anymore trouble in the event and began to level my spells elsewhere. I made my way to the bridge that is located to the right of the great hall courtyard and began to cast all of my spells in rapid succession. I would like to make it clear that I was not casting the spells at any players nor was I being obstructive or bothering anyone with them, I was simply intending to level up my spell progress in an area of the castle that I deemed as being okay to cast in (Indicated by the absence of the anti-cast region protection that is in the great hall.) Without warning, I was temporarily banned for 3 days.

This is part of the situation that I do take issue with. SInce joining the server back in 1.8 not once have I been warned or reprimanded for casting in that area and I have used it several times in order to level up my spell progress. I have always thought that the only areas you were not allowed to cast in was outside of hogwarts as this would match the lore of the films and the books. Had I known that the specific area I casting was forbidden I would've gladly removed myself and gone to a place such as the dueling courtyard. (The reason I did not go there in the first place was to avoid being bothered or attacked by other players) I genuinely thought, and have always thought, that all areas of the castle are suitable for casting with the exception of the great hall and provided that you do not cast at other players. Due to me not having any malicious intent or deliberately breaking the rules, I do not feel that I should have a ban on my record as it wan't, and never has been, my intention to break server rules or ruin any other player's experience.

In order to prevent myself from being banned in the future I would recommend setting up anti cast regions in all areas of the castle in which casting is forbidden in order to prevent any confusion.

Have you read “General Note to Submitting Ban Appeals”? (Mandatory): I have.
Posted Sep 14, 18 · OP
Erdalumos PROF[YR5]
Year 5
Temporary bans can't be appealed.
Thread locked.
Posted Sep 14, 18
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