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(Please just hear me out.) I Have Been Banned But I Never Actually DID Anything Nor Do I Know Why I

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Paradox524 DeatheaterPREFECTDONOR
Minecraft Username: Paradox524

Server Nickname (If applicable): RoyalT

Why you were banned: Truthfully I don't know, but for the expulsion reason by Felixx61 it says "gg" and that is it.

Have you been banned/issued any punishment before: Yes but that was indirect as it was an ip ban for something a so-called friend did on my home router with his own MC account. Just my luck that he's at my house on my wi-fi when he gets caught for apparently being staff on another HP server, this about which I had no idea.

Why you deserve to be unbanned: As stated before, I didn't actually do anything but when I asked in the discord chat why I had been banned Felix posted a screen clip of console showing me using commands looking for plugin help to use the /cunlock and /lock commands but then followed about 4 or 5 people chanting that I be perm banned. (Again I don't understand what "gg" is even supposed to mean in this context so I would really appreciate an actual and valid explanation.)

Have you read “General Note to Submitting Ban Appeals”? (Mandatory): Yes I have.
Posted Aug 13, 18 · OP
To shed a bit of light on this story from our view -

You and your friend were online at the same time. Your friend starts advertising this other HP server in messages, which he receives an IP ban for (Since it was on your ip, you were automatically banned too.)

The situation was later fixed when we unbanned you.

Then when you come back online, we find you immediately running commands to try and find out a large amount of plugins that we use.

I'll be honest - This situation is way too fishy for me.

Posted Aug 13, 18
Paradox524 DeatheaterPREFECTDONOR
If I was looking to steal plugins why not just Google them? When I was unbanned the first time Felix told me to lay low for a while so I thought rather than asking in public chat about commands I could just use /help /plugins etc. And I really do see how it's fishy but I really want to prove that I never had any malicious intentions. It doesn't help my case that my friend Noowt doesn't care if he's banned but I have donated to this server before and I wouldn't have done anything that I personally would have expected to get banned for as I'd be losing 30 dollars. If Felix had looked around those commands in console he'd have seen me trying a bunch of the /unlock commands before resorting to /help commands. Is there any way you can check this "rr" server they keep mentioning's player records to prove that I've never played on it or viewed their website had no afilliation with them etc. I simply want a way to prove my innocence and that none of this would have happened to me if they had caught Noowt before the one day we decide to hang out irl and he plays on the server at my house. I appreciate you responding to my initial thread, Taz.
Posted Aug 13, 18 · OP
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This whole situation doesn't sit well with me, gonna have to agree with Taz here.

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Posted Oct 26, 18
Erdalumos PROF[YR5]
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I agree with Taz & Cran, I'm -supporting, unfortunately.

Your ban appeal has been denied. You can reapply in a minimum of 2 weeks. Thread locked.
Posted Oct 26, 18
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