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Minecraft Username: Chester0

Server Nickname (If applicable): Sorry I forget it.

Why you were banned: Using a broom to glitch then refusing to respond to rules.

Have you been banned/issued any punishment before: I had kill people in the place where I shouldn't, and casted spells in safe zone, but it is the first time I get permanently ban.

Why you deserve to be unbanned: I think if you guys could give me a chance, I regret and I will behave well in the server, and also helping others. For those months, since I was being banned, a go to other server, I had made a lot of friend, everyone likes me in that server, and I also follow the rules. By the way I am not a native speaker, I can still remember the time I was in DA server, my English improved a lot by having more chances to communicate with other, so I wish I can also have the chance to practice English in DA server. Also I would like to introduce my friend this server, invite them to join it. So hope you guys can give me a last chance, I will follow the rules and contribute to the server.

Have you read “General Note to Submitting Ban Appeals”? (Mandatory): Yes
Posted Jul 26, 18 · OP
Year 7
You have quite a few offenses on you, albeit a lot very minor. Yet glitching with a broom into areas you shouldn't is very serious and should not be treated lightly. You do seem genuinely sorry for it however, so whilst I will be giving a+Support, please note that this is on the condition you are on utmost behaviour, and any form of infraction will result in a perma ban. Gl on the rest of your appeal.
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Posted Jul 26, 18
Thank you, I promise I won't do it again.
Posted Jul 27, 18 · OP
BabyBasje PROFDA[YR7]
Year 7
Your appeal looked sincere, and I believe we can give you a second chance. Of course, this doesn't mean you can do whatever you want again. We won't go so easy on you if you do break any more rules. +Support.

You've received 3 +supports, meaning you'll be unbanned soon. Welcome back!
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Posted Sep 6, 18
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