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Kaela's DA Application!

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Kaela is first of all a super kind and caring person. She is fun to talk to and very upbeat. She's also very good and fast at helping, almost like there is a switch turned on which can't be turned off :'D. I see that she is now also a co-host for the Artisan Guild, which is always good! The only teensy problem I have is that she came over as if she was in a rush during a Artisan Guild meeting I attended. Just take your time, relax and be yourself! Helping is always good, but if you do too much at once, your answers might become less detailed and less understandable. These are just small things to improve on though. Goodluck on your application, whatever the outcome, you're an amazing person Kaela and let no one talk you down.
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Posted Mar 21, 18 · Last edited Apr 1, 18
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oh boy poto's posting on your thread

Hello Kaela, once again, apologies for the long overdue response. I know you have been waiting for a very long time, but alas, we have finally came to a consensus. Unfortunately, we have decided to -Support you. While we do find you to be a kind and helpful person which is positive and absolutely great, we found that sometimes you can be unknowing in what seems to be obvious things. Just today have I noticed you learned that Aurors can get offices and a few weeks ago, that builders are indeed staff. We recognize that in order for you to be a trusted member of our community, we first wish for you to become a bit more knowledgeable of our server and the community. It is going to be a process and it is going to be a long time. To which you have to be patient for as it will not happen overnight.

That being said, we have to agree with Flux. Throughout this entire process, we saw a little bit of impatience. While on alts or on our mains, we have noticed that you would question in chat or throw in chat, "I haven't gotten my response to my DA app yet." or something along those lines. We understand how nerves can produce such messages, but it happened so often that it eventually became redundant. As for fixing that, I would just try to maintain patience. I messaged you last Sunday about already receiving the answer, but I did not receive a final consensus to your DA app until a few days before Sunday. That being said, you can see it took almost a month to compile a final answer.

I hope you understand why we decided to go with this decision and I do hope you can improve and hopefully reapply. If you do wish to reapply, I would try to work on these things:
- Learning more of the server/community..
- Get into clubs/organizations such as Wizengamot to show your trustworthiness.
- Have more patience.

Things you should keep doing:
- Help out, be happy, be positive.
- The people who commented on your application have provided wonderful feedback on what you're doing well. If you keep doing that, as well as fix those things I mentioned. I am sure you can attain this rank.

Don't be discouraged, I hope to see another application from you. Thank you Kaela. Thread locked~
Posted Apr 4, 18
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