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Jakes HoH application (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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Year 7
*Blows dust off this forum thread*

Hello, welcome to my Head of House application! Enjoy your reading!

Minecraft Name:
My IGN is Marvel_Comics

Minecraft Nickname (If Applicable):
Currently it is Jake, but during the seasons, events, or holidays I use a play on my name. Server-given nickname was Jake_Bagman.

Do you have Discord? (Mandatory):
I do, and all the admins have it :)

What House are you in?
Ravenclaw is my house!

What Year are you in?
I’m currently a professor, so technically not any year. Though when I was a student, I made my way to year 7!

Why do you want to be a Head of House?
Keeping it kinda short & sweet for this app :). Well to start, I would love to be the Ravenclaw HoH, have a bigger RPesque role on DA (yes I know, prof is cannon and rpish), but I think I could do a lot more for DA and the players as a HoH. Story Time: Before I got prof, I was unsure of my teaching skills, (poto if you make a joke at this part, then o-o) and was trying to find out if there was a mod rank. I was told that there was no mod rank after Taz became Minister (admin) and that there probably wasn’t going to be one anytime soon. Now that was maybe a year ago, and I have been *imo* doing well as a prof! It has definitely been fun, but I’d like to do more (and continue teaching). I have a decent amount of free time on my hands, and could be on the server/discord often and can definitely work on what is needed by the admin group. For the cannon side, although I’m a prof, it would be neat to be helping students with OWLS as their Head and other future stuff as well as help coordinate other RP events. HoH would be the next step for me in the DA community, and I think I would do well in the role!

Spoiler: References 3-5Show

Have you ever been banned? If so, please explain why:
Yes, once. I’ve put it in past apps and went in depth a few times, so I shall give a quick description and links here. So, in early 2016, I had WDL installed onto my game. I chose to log in to DA and then I got banned. I still regret doing it, and this is always my least favorite part of applications. This is a link to my DA app where I have a kinda long ‘have you been banned’ note, which also has links to my original appeals. (My prof assistant app also has a couple lines but I won’t link it). I do hope I am trusted by the rest of the staff team (though I guess I probably wouldn’t be a prof if I wasn’t), and hope to keep it. Other than that I’ve never been banned.

Have you read “General Note to HoH Applicants”? (Mandatory before submitting an application):
Definitely! (multiple times haha)

Do you have any prior history as a builder or professor on our server?
I am currently a professor, so indeed I do. I’ve been a prof for almost a year now, so that’s exciting! (as for building nope! I just build most of my classes)

Do you plan to take a professor or builder trial in the future?
(Pretty sure I don’t have to do this cause I’m already a prof? If I end up having to I will definitely do it again!) I don't believe that I should trial for builder.

Other things you would like to share (optional):
Well hello there. Most of you know me as Jake, I’ve been playing on DA for quite a while now, I've been playing since January 2016, so that’s awesome! I have loved being involved with clubs, events, and, well, players! It’s always fun to get to know someone new and to help all players over their journey through Hogwarts. IMO it feels good and awesome to see a player enjoying the server, and open to asking and, being excited and happy, to receive help so easily on DA. I love writing, and started making one of my Harry Potter fics public, check out my wall for the link if you’d like! I am currently attending college to get my Culinary Arts (and maybe baking or management) degree, while working on a basic transfer study for now while I decide if I’d like to move to a four year college. If you’d like to know all the things about me, I was nominated to answer 100 questions about myself so you can check that out haha. Back to the server; I was a DA, Head, and, for a month, a Chief Warlock, and I believe this helps show that I love DA and am here to see it grow. I also like Iron Man if you didn’t know. Thanks for reading!

"We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are." -Sirius Black

"The greatest gift we can receive is to have the chance, just once in our lives, to make a difference." -Doctor Strange

"Always remember, your focus determines your reality" -Qui-Gon Jinn
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Hello Jake, I believe it is time to revive your thread. Just to get straight to the point, I am going to be giving a +/-Support. Bare with me as I try to formulate my thoughts. Head of House in its current position is more of a helper rank. Going off the general note as that has all the information of Head of House, it shows it as a strict helper rank. Now I know you want this rank because you want to help out more and be more involved with the canon aspects. More specifically, you wish to help out students pick out careers when that time comes. I ultimately believe you will be able to do that, however, currently HoH is the "ultimate helper rank." Therefore, they do not have that ability as of now and this is more of a moderator position. I know this is kind of confusing so let me just lay out what I think you can improve on.

Essentially, I want to see more helpfulness out of you on the server. Chat around, help players get to point A-> B, go back to being a wonderful DA. If you truly want this rank, find a good balance of your DA time between prepping for classes, hosting classes, and helping people on DA. You do not want to spend all your time prepping for a class and essentially being dead in chat, but you also don't want to help so many people to the point you forget your responsibilities of a professor. I know what I am asking for can sound a bit impossible or difficult, but I think there is some value that you can gain out of my advice. Keep trying your best and if there is improvement, I am more than happy to give you my support. Best of luck!
Posted Apr 15, 18
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