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IsabelleThunder's Professor Assistant Application

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IsabelleThunder AURORDONOR[YR5]
Year 5
Minecraft Name: IsabelleThunder

Server Nickname (If Applicable): Izzy_Cliodna

Are you at least a Year 5 or higher? Yes! I am currently Year 5!

How many hours of ontime do you have?: 149 hours currently!

What subject would you want to teach? Why?: I would like to teach History Of Magic, I would like to teach this because I love learning about magical objects, (horcruxes, time-turners, etc.) I also love going over History such as wizarding wars, founding of Hogwarts, invention of Quidditch, etc. Not Many people love HoM and that's something I want to change! I want people to be able to look at a class all about History of Magic and go "Wow that was really fun, I want to do that again sometime."

Why do want to become a Professor Assistant?: I want to become a Professor Assistant because I love teaching! I enjoy being able to teach people new things! I believe I could be able to teach people a lot about HoM while still having fun, I see this as an opportunity to be able to teach more people about what I really love doing. I have always loved the subject HoM and I believe that more people should be able to learn about all of the topics, not just ones from auto classes.

If accepted as a Professor, what will you bring to the Staff team?: I will be patient, and be mature handling situations. I am generally very creative and I find it fun to help new players out, so I would be more than happy to. I have also been studying HoM for a long time, so I am very familiar with that aspect. I tend to be as active as I can, I'm usually on DA whenever I have a second to spare. I also love writing and I believe I can do a good job being a professor, as I was one before :) I host rp classes, and I try to handle everything calmly.

Activity- I try to be as active as possible in-game.
Experience- I have been a professor elsewhere before, so I know how to plan my classes.
Patient- With whatever I'm doing, I'm as patient as possible.
Decent typer- I can type at an okay rate around 60-70 wpm
Creativity- I believe that I am very creative, I love to write and draw in my spare time.
I don't have an absolute ton of forum posts, something I am currently working on.
Sometimes I can be immature. Other than that I don't believe there's anything else, if there is I will add to this section.

Do you believe you have a substantial amount of helpful forum posts?:
I currently have 64-which is not the best- but I am trying to get it up and help more people as I can.

Do you have Discord? (Mandatory): Yes I do! Izzy Sinclair~Cliodna#3106

What time-zone do you live in? (American, European, or Australia/Asia): American, Eastern Standard Time.

Have you ever been banned?: Yes, unfortunately.

Have you read “General Note to Professor Applicants”? (Mandatory before applying): Yes I have!

Please privately message a Professor with a lesson plan with the following criteria: Sent to Jake
-Housepoint questions
-Other (items given, extra info, etc):

Tell us something about yourself (Optional): Hello! My name is Izzy and I enjoy Cheerleading and Soccer. I love to draw, and I love HoM along with Forensic Science :d. I also write in my spare time, and do research about interesting topics!
Posted Feb 22, 18 · OP · Last edited Mar 8, 18
Hey Izzy, let's dive in!!

Straight off your lesson plan, we want less of a script from you, and more divided into speaking points that summarizes ideas. Such as this sentence:

"A Horcrux is an object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality."

You can summarize it into something simple like:

-Dark Wizard/Witch, fragment of soul, for immortality.

We don't want people just copying/pasting straight words from documents or you'll just be a robot and we have NPC classes for that. We want your lesson plans to be more summarized to provide a bit of flare into your teaching. You don't want them to be mundane and cleverly thought out. My funniest and best classes have came from being straight impromptu. I would love to see a change in your lesson plan with those details in mind.

Moving on, your application seems a bit lacking. I wish you would provided more on why you want to become a Professor Assistant and just more. It's hard for me to see any passion for this position through your words. I want to see you ooze out why you want to become a Professor Assistant and add some emotion to your words. More than simply I love teaching !!!!

Lastly, immaturity is a big reason for me. You shouldn't be mad you put it on there, thank you for being honest with us. I think it's best if you work on being mature before trying to achieve a position that will lead to a staff position.

With that, it will be a -Support for now, but if I see any defying reasons, I will be sure to update this ASAP. Best of luck with your application.
Posted Mar 7, 18
Year 7
Hey there, thanks for applying for PA!

Unfortunately I will be agreeing with poto, and have to give you a -support. Maybe host a class sometime and Ill come watch. Good luck with the rest of your app

"We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are." -Sirius Black

"The greatest gift we can receive is to have the chance, just once in our lives, to make a difference." -Doctor Strange

"Always remember, your focus determines your reality" -Qui-Gon Jinn
Posted Mar 8, 18
Erdalumos PROF[YR5]
Year 5
Hey Isabella!
I agree with Poto. Also, you haven't been online in almost 3 weeks, I don't know if you're still interested in the position? I'm giving you a -support for now, sorry.

Three -supports, this thread has been locked. You may reapply in 2 weeks.
Posted Mar 26, 18 · Last edited Mar 26, 18
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