General Note to HeadBoy and Girl Applicants:

Welcome to the General Note to Head Boy and Girl Applicants!

Congratulations on taking the next step in your journey on DA! If you are already a DA member then you should know what we expect from you, but if not check the General Note to DA Members.

HeadBoys and Girls are the highest level of trust a non player can get on DA. They are trusted with kick and warn permissions which help them moderate the server when staff members are not online. They are also allowed to apply for Head of House in the future.

What is a HeadBoy/Headgirl?

A HeadBoy/HeadGirl is a very trusted player who has shown that they are willing to help players online and on the forums. These players will have access to /kick and /warn and will be able to sufficiently deal with rule-breakers if there are no Staff Members online. They will also be able to attend DA Member Meetings as well as HeadBoy/HeadGirl meetings where they can communicate any problems or player opinions to Staff that we may not have known about.

What does a HeadBoy and Girl have to do?:

- Continue to fulfill all DA Member duties.

- Moderate the chat when no staff member is online, or a staff member cannot do so.

- Use kick and warn punishments only when needed - not to show power.

- Engage in the HeadBoy and Girl only discord chats.

Here are some prerequisites to become a HeadBoy or Girl:

- Be a DA Member.

- Have 3-5 recommendations. Please note you may not use the same references from previous applications.

If you are accepted, and are prove through actions that you are unfit to be a HeadBoy or Girl you may have your title revoked.

Once you create your application, Staff members will begin to give their vote. This will be done similarly to Professor/Builder applications.

What are the perks of a HeadBoy and Girl:

Special [HeadBoy] or [HeadGirl] Tag, access to HeadBoy/Girl discord group, ability to apply for Head of House, and permissions to use /kick and /warn.

Best of luck, and we look forward to reviewing your application!